“Definiteness of Purpose The Start of All Achievement!”

This was one of Napoleon Hill’s steps to Think and Grow Rich. It is also one of the hardest questions for most people to answer. What is my purpose? What is the reason that I want to achieve my desire? What do I really want?

To help focus your mind, one of the simplest and most effective exercises that you can do is to list 10 to 20 things that you want, that you desire. Just list the first 10 to 20 things that come to mind. Then go back and read over your list and prioritize it.

Refine your list and rank each entry by importance to you. A word of caution here, don’t list what you think others want you to do, or what present obligations might suggest. You must put down what you truly want to achieve, your true desires.

Once you are through with your list, pick the top item, number one. That will be the item that will generate the most emotion and motivate you to go after. Now you have generated your definiteness of purpose. You know what you are after and why it is important for you to achieve it.

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