“How To Use The Law of Attraction To Climb Out Of An Emotional Hole”

“I just can’t figure out how to get out of the hole! If I could only get to the bottom of my problem, I could break free and move on.”

How many times, as a life coach, did I hear these statements and many like them from clients. You can become obsessed with getting-to-the-bottom of things. You believe that only by getting-to-the-bottom can you finally move on, put the whole thing behind you, and look to the future.

But the truth is, more people than not spend an entire lifetime and never get to what they think is the origin of their problems, beliefs and limitations. Why?

Here’s a little insight about vibrations that might just provide you with an excellent clue to this problem. The nature of vibrations, thoughts and ideas is that they attract their own kind. Nothing new here, this is all basis law-of-attraction 101.

But let’s give this some deeper thought. Your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, only attract similar things-similar events, similar people into your life. It also means that when you engage these thoughts, become preoccupied with these thoughts, there are limited resources at your disposal, and therein lies the key.

Let me see if I can give a little more clarity to this. You see when you are faced with a challenge that keeps coming up, over and over again, there is a reason why you can’t seem to break free. It may be easier to explain this with an illustration.

Imagine for a moment a circle. Within the circle are all of the issues about the challenge you face. The emotions, past events, past failures, all of the people involved and all of the beliefs you have managed to establish concerning this challenge.

Most people believe that a greater understanding of the issue will somehow break the spell and let them move on. Some believe that if they could just get a break for a moment (a break here meaning a resource that lies beyond the circle) they could somehow finally overcome the forces of their challenge and that would be that, freedom!

What escapes you is the fact that as long as you are focused on the problem, the things within the circle, you can only draw on the resources that lie within that same circle. To consider anything else would be to think outside the circle.

So you keep searching and using the resources that are in the circle. You may even experience some momentary relief, but soon find yourself repeating the same pattern. You may even develop the belief, as many have, that it’s just the way it is, and won’t change.

Well, there is a way out. But, the answer may not provide much comfort at first-which is probably why most people past on it initially and keep repeating the some old pattern.

There are three steps to this process. All three are important and to skimp on any of the three will find you back in the circle repeating the same mistakes over again.

Step One: You see to break free, a clean break, you must abandon the circle completely. That means, for the moment giving up all possibility of understanding your problem. Coming to terms with the fact that you will never get to the bottom of it. You will never finally become aware of what you believe is the one event, one word or phrase, or the one person who has caused you to experience this issue.

But take heart, once you are free of the circle, everything will become crystal clear. Why? Your vantage point has changed, you have new resources at your disposal and you see things from the new perspective that you couldn’t see before.

Step Two: If you don’t intend on living life in that old circle anymore, where will you live?  The mind is predictable about this. It demands you always take progressive creative action. Which means, if you don’t create somewhere new to hang out, your mind will go back to the old program. Or, as one of my clients referred to it, “Your default program!”

Your mind will not operate in a vacuum. It will always move forward. It will always demand you create the next moment… either consciously, through imagination and the use of will power, or through established beliefs. There is no neutral.

You don’t need to know everything about this new place, these new thoughts, this new idea. You can begin to build it a piece at a time. You become aware of this new idea of living directly in proportion to how much of the old circle you let go.

A part of your mind has already laid the building blocks for it. If that were not so, you would not be able to experience the discomfort of recognizing that you are stuck in old patterns. You would just keep living life like every other creature. But you are aware that things could be different.  The emotional distress you experience is the recognition of the distance between where you are, the old circle, and where you want to be. The new circle your mind has already created!

Step Three: Action, action, action! Although this should be the easiest part, moving toward something you truly desire. The life you really want to live, the job, or relationship you want most. This is the step where most people hit the wall.

This is the step that takes belief, faith in the things you can’t see. Faith in the things, events, people and circumstances you haven’t experienced. The faith to move forward into what you consciously consider as the unknown. Now you’re thinking, “A guide would make this so much easier.” And it would. And you do have one!

This is not faith in religious teachings, although most religions speak about it. This is faith in your own higher consciousness, your unique connection to the source. And the guide that will help you along is your own emotions.

As you move forward, you activate the plan in your consciousness. Move closer in harmony with that plan and you feel positive emotions. Move further away from that plan and you experience discomfort, uncertainty and doubt.

Letting go of the past, stepping into the future and expecting the very best you can imagine is not like jumping from a plane without a parachute.  It is a process like ascending a mountain. You must move each foot from the past position to a future position to move upward. And, you do so one step at a time.

Remember, no external resources like books, audios, videos, seminars, etc are answers in themselves. Their real purpose is to help you connect with the inner resources you already possess.  You can find the resources that will help move on that path by visiting Your Infinite Success.