“Ask Your Most Burning Question”

How would you like to have your most burning questions about the law of attraction finally answered? How would you like to finally understanding how you create the events in your life, what stops you from increasing your income, obtaining better health, having better relationships, or obtaining more business.

You would really be surprised at the variety of questions I received in a day about the law of attraction. Some people are simply new to the concept of natural law. They may have recently seen one of the many videos about the law of attraction and how to attract abundance and prosperity in your life. They may have read a book or someone may have introduced them to an audio recording on the subject.

Some questions just reflect a curiosity about the law and whether you can really change your world by changing your thoughts, as though it were just that easy to change your pattern of thinking. Some have pursued quick courses that have left them confused, even angry that they weren’t able to create the changes they wanted overnight as advertised. There are definitely many misconceptions circulating about how these natural laws operate.

The one thing that I have noticed in the many years I have studied this subject  and coached individuals and corporations on the subject, is how unique all of these questions are. It is a real reflection on the diverse qualities that make up each and every one of us and our personal understanding of who and what we really are. It is simply fascinating to read all of the different aspects by which people, just like you, approach the concept of the law of attraction and the power of thought.

For instance, some worry that it might interfere with their religious convictions. That is, it might violate some teaching to even entertain this type of idea. While others believe that it reflects too much spirituality, which they mistakenly equate as a religious concept.

Some are technical questions such as how long they should visualize their goal? Some individuals have been mistakenly led to believe that simple visualization is the real key to obtaining what they desire. It is a part of the key, but only one part. There are other more important things to consider.

I think that in these days and times it’s important for us to get as close as we can to being on the same page about how and what we attract. If you know the right places to look, there is certainly enough bonafide information available from trusted, proven sources to give clear answers to any question you may have.  Your goal should really be, and any trusted information should help you, to move toward the experience that allows you to answer your own questions and trust the source of those answers!

To help with this process, I am starting a new newsletter/blog designed simply for the purpose of answering any questions about how the law of attraction operates. If you will simply go to http://www.yourinfinitesuccess.com/questions/ you can enter any question you would like about the law of attraction. Each newsletter/blog will focus strictly on answering your questions in a clear, concise and practical a way as possible.  You will not only find the information interesting but useful. After all, the law of attraction demands that you gain knowledge through experience.