Believe! The Bridge Between Conceive and Achieve

Anyone that has attended any self help or personal development seminar has bound to have heard the infamous phrase given to Napoleon Hill by Andrew Carnegie, who was arguably one if not the richest man in the world at the time, “Anything that the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

How simple and yet profound a phrase, one that every presenter has artfully woven into their seminar presentation. Now it is a buzz phrase thrown into a discussion without the working knowledge of the full impact of its meaning.

To conceive is to create in thought. When we conceive of an idea we imagine that idea. Now that imagination can be fueled by memory or by intuition. Most often it is a combination of the two that produces the third condition, the new idea.

Now that this new idea has been conceived, created in thought, the first part of the formula has been met. Now we look to the effect we wish to create and that is the achievement part, the last part of the formula. The achieve part of the phrase is the effect that has been produced by a cause, which is the conceive part, the idea, the thought.

However, we see that we cannot simply get from conception to achievement. If that were the case then everything that we would have ever thought about or considered would have been brought into physical manifestation. What a chaotic world that would be.

No, there needs to be something else that is required to make the transition from conceive, the energy of the thought world, to achieve the physical expression of the thought. We need a bridge to get from conception to achievement, from thought to physical expression.

That bridge is BELIEVE. Belief is laced with emotion and is the instruction to the invisible source to bring this idea into physical expression. Belief is the KEY to using the law of attraction, goal setting, prayer or visualization.

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