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Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D.


Learn how to align your vibration to attract health, wealth and happiness. Even if you’ve tried before and failed.

The exercises in this book will help you clarify what you don’t want in life so you can crystallize what you do want in life. This alone has been a major stumbling block and the reason most people have such mixed results ans ultimately fail to realize their true desires!

I’ve also included the Rapid Release Technique to help you dissolve the energetic blocks that manifest as fear, doubt, guild and uncertainty in your life.

A Step-By-Step Method For Using Guided Meditations To Help Heal Cancer

Are you are a cancer sufferer? Or do you know someone who is suffering from cancer? Maybe a spouse, a relative or a close friend? Maybe someone who hasn’t gotten the medical results they had so hoped for?

You may be searching for a way to increase the efficiency of your present treatment plan. Or you may just be searching for something to help you go beyond traditional medicine, and take a stronger active role in your own healing destiny? If so, then this Kindle book, “Mind Over Cancer – How To Use Guided Meditation To Help Heal Cancer,” will answer the top questions concerning how to use guided meditation. Inside, you will discover the steps and techniques you need for guided meditations for healing. And you will find the answers to the top questions and challenges every cancer sufferer, who wants to use guided meditation

Learn The Secrets To Unshakable Self Confidence

Have you ever wished you had the self-confidence to face any challenge in life? Well, you can have it. As a matter of fact you already possess it. It lies dormant within your true nature, waiting for you to awaken it!

You’re about to discover how you can develop unshakable self-confidence…

This book contains proven steps to help you uncover and develop your true self-confidence. Not the kind dependent on any outside results, nor dependent on the approval of anyone else, but the true inner self-confidence you generate from your connection to the Infinite Source. The kind of self-confidence that allows you to rise to any occasion and meet any challenge in life.