How To Bring Your Thoughts To Life!

Why do some ideas take off and have great success, while others just fizzle out and fall by the way-side? What separates one idea from another?

The answer is simple. So simple in fact most of the time, it’s overlooked as unimportant. The answer is… intention! Intention is the driving force that steers the thought, the guidance system that tells the universe what to do with the thought, where to go and what to do when it gets there.

But why not experience this for yourself? Before you leave the house and start your busy day, take a moment and decide how you want this day to be, how you want it to go. Don’t wait to see what the day will bring, then you’ll be living today by someone else’s dream and that may not be so cool.

If there’s something special you want to do today, some special event-take a moment and see it in your mind, just how you want it to go. When you can see it clearly and live the whole experience in your mind, from start to finish, just the way you want it to go, let the thought go, get up and get on with your day. Let the universe do the rest!

A word of advice. If it is something that will only benefit you and you alone, don’t look for a lot of help from the universe. If it’s something that will benefit you and others, or something you intend on sharing with others…you got friends in high places.

It is the nature of GOD, THE SOURCE, THE UNIVERSE, or whatever name you call that Infinite Source,  to share. That’s the nature of The Source. The more you share, without an ulterior motive, the more you move toward that higher state of mind. And the more big-time help you can count on!