How DO Thoughts Affect Our Actions?

At the core of Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consultant’s training is a concept called the “Stick Person.” Bob has used this simple diagram to explain how the mind works and how thoughts affect our actions for decades. I had the privilege of seeing him used this concept in the 1970’s when I was working for…

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Success is not always about the money

If you are going to pick a goal to shoot for, you need to pick one that YOU WANT, personally want. That process requires giving some hard thought to your present position in life and you need to be honest with yourself when you do this. Then determine that if that is not where you…

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Success Really Is A State-of-Mind

Clients often comment, “You tell me I need to develop a success state of mind, by how do I do that?” A legitimate question and one that has both a simple answer and a real challenge to implement. You see your state-of-mind about any part of your life is completely dependent on the tendency of…

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