Do You Believe in Doubt?


Now this might sound like a crazy question to ask, but the truth is that for the last several weeks I have been asking clients, associates, business people, therapist and really anyone else that would take a moment to answer the question. The answers were astounding. Ninety-eight percent of the people I asked stated that they BELIEVED in doubt.

Granted this was not a true scientific experiment, but I found the implications very interesting. First let’s look at the very definition of doubt. Depending on your choice of dictionary or online encyclopedia, you will get definitions like, “in doubt of,” akin to “fear and distrust,” or “a status somewhere between belief and disbelief.”

To think that we can actually BELIEVE in the very state of disbelief strikes me as curious. At least until you look at some of the unique qualities of our minds. It is our consciousness that gives us a sense of the world. The five senses, see, hear, smell, taste and touch only bring in impulses from the outside world. They just receive energy in a unique form. It is really our brain that gives that energy signal its form and meaning. It is all a matter of consciousness.

Again this presents a very interesting point. Reality as we know it, to each and every one of us, is an internal experience first. Until we become CONSCIOUS, on some level, of something, that something to us does not exist, at least in our reality.

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