Don’t Do It Out Of Fear!

Cycle of LimitationsI believe that there are times in everyone’s life when they sense that change is possible, really possible. During these times they begin to imagine how life would be with this new condition, this new life. They become involved, emotionally, with this vision and by law they now send this image to their subconscious mind where the subconscious takes note of the emotional connections to this new image.

The law of attraction now states that this image and its accompanying emotions set the body into motion, increasing or changing the vibrations of the body to reflect this new image, this new desire. When these vibrations reach a certain frequency and intensity, they set the body into motion into action. It is this action that produces the results that we experience in the world.

Now what happens quite often is that when this new action is initiated, it meets resistence from old programming, commonly referred to as old beliefs. This interaction creates a momentary state of confusion, simply because the image of the new goal becomes fuzzy by the intrusion of the old belief.

One things is for certain. The old belief can only produce one type of behavior, old behavior. And, that old behavior will only produce one type of result and that is the old result. The very result that we don’t want. Typically here is where people fall short of accomplishing their goal. They mistakenly believe that the results they are presently experiencing are the results of the new idea, but they’re not. They are simply the results of the old belief. Chapter 5 in Presence of Mind deals with this exact problem and illustrates how to remove this limitation from any goal setting program.

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