Energy Healing And Your True Spiritual Nature

To begin to consider the process of energy healing, you first need to recognize your true nature. Once you do that, you see that in truth, energy healing should be as natural for you as walking.

So what is your true nature?  You are so much more than just a physical being.  You are an emanation of the Creator, the master of masters, the creator of the universe and the origin of all things.

Yet, many find themselves constantly stumbling in life, failing to achieve any lasting success or happiness. Many go through the motions of everyday life. We smile, we have an occasional laugh but inside we suffer from a lack of confidence, fear, doubt and uncertainty. This can lead to emotional challenges to say the least. And it can also lead to more challenging conditions such as cancer and other autoimmune problems.

If we are an emanation of The Light Of the Creator, then can this really be our true destiny? I say no. And what’s more, we prove it every day but are out of sync with our true nature and disconnected from the cause and effects of our thoughts!

There’s more…

Your consciousness extends way beyond the confines of just a physical reality. Each cell in your body has been endowed with its own consciousness. That’s how each cell knows what its mission is, its purpose,,, and where to go in your body to achieve its purpose, even though you consciously have no idea how this orchestra of cells is directed, and by whom, or what. And this is just the basic level of consciousness you possess.

Your true nature is spiritual. In the spiritual world there is no pain or suffering because the spiritual body is incapable of experiencing these things.  Pain, suffering and disease are products of a physical world, experienced only by the physical body when it is out-of-sync with its true nature.

When we consider the nature of energy healing, we must look to the origin of the energy we use for healing. This energy is but another manifestation of the Light of the Creator and has it’s origin in the spiritual world.

That means if we are to be serious about healing any condition, be it physical, emotional or spiritual we must begin this process in the higher dimensions. That is, the spiritual world.

This is the very thing I have been focusing on, the process of how to do this and to develop simple exercises to allow you to tap this reservoir of power. Not just for personal gain, but to benefit all those around you. As a matter of fact, that is one of the keys to success.