How Do I Develop Self Confidence?

This is a common question that most people and especially those in sales ask quite often. The concept of self-confidence seems quite illusive to most. Most people seem to be always searching for it and looking for products and courses that will instill it in them. No wonder they always come up short and lacking.

Look at the very phrase itself. It holds the key to the whole concept, SELF CONFIDENCE. That is confidence which is the product of self, true self. It tells us that this state of mind, self-confidence, is an internal condition not external.

There are no outside events that can infuse true self-confidence in us. They may help to validate what we already know about ourselves, but cannot create the state of mind itself. It is no wonder that we can be successful in some endeavor but must still continually look for other events and situation in which to demonstrate our confidence.

As we begin to live in the present moment, not through past events or wrapped up in a future which hasn’t arrived yet, we become more aware of our true self. It is that exact knowledge that will lead to a true and unshakable belief in ourselves, one not dependent upon outside events for proof. In short, true self-confidence.

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