How DO Thoughts Affect Our Actions?

Stick PersonAt the core of Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consultant’s training is a concept called the “Stick Person.” Bob has used this simple diagram to explain how the mind works and how thoughts affect our actions for decades. I had the privilege of seeing him used this concept in the 1970’s when I was working for the Prudential Insurance Co.

To the best of Bob’s knowledge, the diagram was originally used by a Doctor Thurman Fleet, A San Antonio Chiropractor who used it, back in the 1930’s, to introduce his concepts on how the mind affects the body and its ability to heal. He was trying to explain the role of “Mind” in relation to the body’s ability to heal. The only problem was that there were no pictures of MIND. For all practical purposes the MIND is invisible to our objective sight.

Without an image of mind, a discussion or clear explanation of its workings became virtually impossible. You see, we all think in pictures and where there is no picture, the human mind becomes confused about its goal and its direction. Typically, when we experience confusion, doubt and fear are not far behind.

Think about your vehicle for a moment and what comes up. Chances are you didn’t think of the letters that spell out the name of your vehicle, but you did get a snap shot, a picture of your vehicle. Anything that you call to mind, either from memory or through imagination will come in the form of a thought image, a picture.

The importance of this really comes to bear when we try to set goals. Think for a moment about the goal or goals that you have set for yourself. What picture comes to mind about those goals? Chances are, if you are like a majority of people, you really don’t have a clear picture. Therefore, when your mind entertains the thought of your goal it ends up in a state of confusion.

The whole premise of good life coaching is to help individuals work through this barrier and establish a good clear picture of exactly what they want and when they expect to achieve it.

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