How to Move Past Fear!

To move from your present position, that is your present position in any aspect of your life, to your goal, you can expect to meet the consciously unexpected along the way. I say consciously because on the unconscious level you knew about it all along. I’ll explain further…

Our biggest limitations, those beliefs that we have been carrying around inside since birth and maybe even before that, also give us a clue to our biggest fears. Our fears are what really stops us from achieving unlimited success in all forms. Our fears reflect on our self image and one thing is for sure, we will never outperform our own self image. So recognizing our fears is a good thing, a positive thing if we work to release them so we can move forward toward our goal and the pursuit of happiness.

If we do nothing to release these fears and reestablish our goal, create a good clear image of what we want, then we will just sink deeper and deeper into our fear. That fear is a product of ego, or as the ancient philosophers referred to as the “false imagination.” It simply means it is a product of our own conscious thought and not a product of natural law. We created it and we can release it!

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