“How Will I Know The Vibration Of What I Want To Attract?”

I think the challenges of the times we now live in have brought about some very emotionally charged questions. More and more people are questioning their well-being and their future. There seems to be more doubts about the future, about stability and about purpose; more now than any other time is recent memory. It reflects a state of mind that is shared by a majority of people. But it doesn’t have to be you!

People still want to set goals. They still want to know that achieving their desire is still possible. And, with that, they are asking more questions about how the law of attraction and the law of causality influence what they achieve in their life. I have had so many people ask pointed questions like this one, “How do I know what the vibration of the thing I want to manifest is? This is a great question and one that has been asked over the years in a variety of different ways.

Most often this question comes from the premise that you must first know the vibration of what you desired in order to tune yourself to that frequency and bring the object of your desire into manifestation. Much in the same way that you would first have to know what channel a TV show you wanted to watch would be on in order to tune into that channel and be able to watch that show.

Makes sense doesn’t it…

However, unlike the TV show which will only be broadcast one way, regardless of what TV or location you watch it on, your images can take countless forms. For instance… if the object of your desire is a home, it could be a very simple home in simple surroundings. However, you could also image that home as a mansion on the top of a hill, overlooking the ocean.

The point is you first affirm the object of your desire. That is always the first step, to ask. Then you begin to mentally create the image of that desire. Next you construct the story that goes with that image, the whys and how’s and what is important about you having that object.

With sufficient attention you have mentally created what you desire and you will notice that when you dwell on that object, you “feel” a certain way; you vibrate at a certain frequency. And that feeling is the key to let you know if you are in harmony with that image and story or not.  That frequency is the perfect frequency at that time for your manifestation.

As you continue to refine the image and the story, you also raise your vibration to the perfect frequency for that newly refined image.  You will always know if you are in harmony with your image by taking note of your feelings when you focus on your image and tell your story. If you sense discomfort, you are blocking your manifestation. More often than not this is the result of some old belief. If you feel good, and the sensations are comfortable then you can be reasonably assured that you are moving in the direction of your goal.

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