We all know that words have the capacity to lift our spirits. I believe that most individuals have had a moment in time when someone, their mother, a figure in authority, even that small voice inside, has said something at just the right moment to lift their spirits. That message has helped bring them out of the dark abyss of their own thinking and the effects of those thoughts.

Words have that quality because of the intention behind the words. They are just tools and the intention becomes the skill behind the tool that gives it direction and allows it to create masterpieces of beauty or horrific figures of anguish. Inspiration is the mental/spiritual motivation that proceeds and gives rise to the intention.

Inspiration is that quality that allows us to resonate with what we truly are inside. I wish I could say that all inspiration allows us to resonate with our higher consciousness, but that is not always true. We hear too many instances where a rousing discourse inspires someone to take action as a suicide bomber, a terrorist or a serial killer. History is strewn with the inspirational speeches of world leaders that have led their countries to the brink of disaster.

No, inspiration can only affect and influence someone based on their level of consciousness. We will only resonate with that which we are. However, inspiring words from someone at a much higher level of consciousness can lift our consciousness level upwards and expand our awareness. We can usually sense this happening. Our spiritual essence resonates with the words of truth and integrity. People’s lives who have been all but ruined, usually from some form of addiction, have been inspired by the words, a sermon, a speech that has resonated with their spiritual essence and have been encouraged to begin to change direction away from a destructive path and toward a different meaningful life. The moment that they begin this conscious change, they begin to activate the Law of Attraction to be led to those things they will assist in their endeavor.

Inspiration can resonate with a lower frequency limiting belief system, and it can also resonate with our higher soul consciousness. The purpose of life is for each of us to make the choice of which voice we focus on and follow. That is the challenge of living in a dualistic world, being both in the physical world but also in the spiritual mind. That is the payoff for having free will. We have the right to choose; however, we are not free to determine if we will choose. We must!

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