Using The Law of Attraction-The Newsletter Is Back!

Law of Attraction-It’s Back…With Purpose!

Yes it has been some time since my last blog posts.

But the Secret Law of Attraction Newsletter is back.

Why? Why now…?

The state of the world, and the state of people’s lives screams chaos, doubt and uncertainty. Not to mention the whole 2012 end-of-the-world thing.

And even though I haven’t posted to the newsletter blog in a while, the questions still poured in. People want answers. I can’t blame them. Nor can I turn a deft ear to it.

So, the Law of Attraction Newsletter is back…with purpose.

I have a whole new slate of things to cover in the newsletter.  A new outlook. A new vision for the future.

Here’s what you can expect…

I want to be able to introduce you to books I’ve read over my 40+ years of study, I believe will help along your journey. These books approach the law of attraction (which is really just a part of the universal laws) from a workable perspective.

You want to learn things that will help you change your life, don’t you? Of course you do. And I’m going to give you that! Also we want to take a look at the many technique that will help get your emotions under control and get rid of the mind trash you’ve accumulated over the years.

These are the biggest things that stand in your way. So, let’s unload that so you can cash-in on your real resources!

We are going to take an in-depth look at how to apply universal laws for true prosperity. Not just financial gain, but in every aspect of your life. Your relationship with spirit, source, yourself, health, family, others, business, etc.

You’ll learn the real tools that bring true prosperity into your life. Make life a richer experience. Put some joy back into your life. Get you looking forward to a world you CONSCIOUSLY manifest. How’s that sound?

Next up, I’ll be sending you a link in a email to a new video I’m working on. It’s about how your state of mind attracts the people, events and circumstances you meet in life. What causes it and how to change it. So, be sure to be on the lookout for that email next week.

Oh and about the 2012 end-of-the-world thing…

Yeah, something big will happen. Rest assured of that. But, now is now the time to talk about it. We’ll get into that latter on.

Just remember…Your thoughts will ultimately be expressed in the emotions you feel. And once they reach a certain vibration, you’re going take action. Those thoughts are what’s going to attract the events, circumstances and the people that most resonate with those thoughts. That will lead to the results you experience.

Let’s talk about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.