“Law of Attraction – Respond Or React?”

The law of attraction is constantly operating in every aspect of your life. It is not something that you turn on when you need it and off when you don’t. When considering the influence of the law of attraction in your everyday affairs, here are some important points and exercises that will benefit anyone facing a challenge in life.

Do not react to events when you can respond to the cause of the events. Do not attempt to use one event to somehow counter the effects of another event. Regardless of what present circumstances may indicate, the event is not the real problem! They are the effects of some cause and it is the cause that you must change.

Most people feel as though they are the victims of fate, especially today when the news is loaded with events that seem beyond the control of the average person. Most will also admit that their actions in life are the result of events that have already occurred or that they anticipate will occur in their life. Again for most, this only seems logical.

So for most, events dictate their actions. They react to events. Now let us see how this typical approach plays out with the law of attraction.

The basic premise of the law of attraction is that we attract the very things, people, conditions, events, and thoughts that are in resonance with our predominate thoughts.

For instance, what if you were laid off; you would naturally dwell on that event. However if you continued revisiting the event again and again you might begin to dwell on fringe ideas… like you weren’t appreciated, that the company took advantage of you, or that the universe has abandoned you.

People have a habit of adding details to the images of events they’ve experienced, which were not present at the time of the original event. It keeps the emotions running high and the ego keeps their attention.

As you react to each short movie or snapshot you create and morph, you dig deeper and deeper into the negative emotions that you associate with that event. And, based on the law of attraction, you can only attract and be attracted to more of the same. The more the negative thoughts occupy your mind, the more you become aware of negative events, and the cycle just keeps repeating until something breaks that trance.

Dwelling on that negative event is not going to generate a new and better job, position or career for you. Negative events or combination of negative events are never going to produce positive results.

So, the natural question asked becomes, “If I shouldn’t dwell on that negative event, then what should I think about?”

Here are two steps that are guaranteed to produce a different result if you commit to doing them as outlined.

First, it is only when you release the negative emotions about an event that you make room for something different to enter your life. Again think of the primary function of the law of attraction, to attract those things that are in resonance with your predominate thoughts!

Get in tune with the physical sensation, (feeling) of the emotion that is generated by your thoughts. It will typically be felt in an area from your lower abdomen to your neck and throat area. If it helps to tune in, put your hand or hands over the area.

When you tune into to that physical sensation, take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and as you exhale silently say to yourself, “I can let this (name the emotion) go.” Again take another deep breath, hold it for a moment and as you exhale repeat, “I can let this
(name the emotion) go.” And for a third time, take another deep breath, hold it for a moment, and as you exhale repeat, “I can let this (name the emotion) go.” Now add the concluding statement, “And I let go of this (name the emotion) now!”

Now you have completed the first part of the exercise, the releasing of the negative emotion. But that’s not enough to make a lasting change. If you don’t bring your mind into focus on something new that you do desire, you will ultimately fall back into your default belief program, the one with the negative emotions.

You need to focus on the outcome you truly desire. When you have a clear image of that desire to the exclusion of your present condition, things will begin to change in a very profound way.

Admittedly, this is one of the hardest things for most people to do, especially in stressful times. Most perceive the “reality” of their present condition as an indication of what the future holds. Their present results say that future times are going to be tough.

When any negative sensations about your goals come up, go back and repeat the first part of this exercise. Then, continue to create the image of what you really want to

By doing this you are learning to respond to present events instead of reacting to them. You are creating a different vibration that will attract different
things. And, in 30 days you will have created a new habit about how you see your future and with that, new opportunities always present themselves. That is the law!

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