Law of Attraction – Taking Responsibility For Your Life

I don’t believe I have ever taken a self help, personal development or law of attraction course that did not include something about being responsible for your life. The only problem with that is no one ever went any further explaining the meaning. They sort-of left the statement as is.

Somehow, people equated “being responsible for your life” with taking blame for everything that has gone wrong in their life. Finally reaching the point where they could say, “OK, I did that-and I was wrong.” “I admit it…I was wrong!”

Only now, in addition to reliving the event, they have to deal with the guilt. No wonder people are reluctant to be “responsible for their lives.”

Now I thought long and hard about this, because something struck me as being very off about this statement “being responsible for my life,” and the meaning most people seem to be giving it. So, I began to look at it from another perspective, a much deeper perspective. Then it hit me.

It’s not about taking blame for every negative event that happened in my life. Being responsible for my life is all about realizing that it is my thoughts, (my predominate thoughts) which attract the circumstances, events and people that come into my life and result in the experiences I call life.

Thoughts acting on the universal substance begins the process of bringing those thoughts, those ideas, those beliefs together into a three dimensional world. This world! When you realize this (not  just from an intellectual assessment, but from a deeper, clearer understanding that lays the intellectual meaning aside in favor of the sensation of actually knowing) you realize to control your thoughts-to be able to direct your will and focus on an idea, until that idea becomes clear in your mind, is controlling your world. It is being responsible for your life!

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