The Laws of Success-Creating Resonance!

The laws of success begin with the idea that loss leads to greater loss and success leads to greater success. This is one of the foundations of modern self-help and personal development programs about the laws of success. It has as its basis the universal principle, the Law of Attraction.

For many, this law of success that leads to greater success is not something planned or expected. But rather, becomes the hit-or-miss, out-of-the-blue method called “luck.” Others however realize that “luck” is nothing more than some law in action. It’s called luck simply because the person doesn’t realize a law is silently operating behind the scenes.

Whether you define it in religious terms, mystical terms, or modern personal growth and development terms, there are solid principles about the laws of success-that if followed, will ultimately lead to positive results.

Personally, I like to know about these laws. How they operate. Follow their action in my life and the lives of my clients and others. I want to be able to correlate proven results to the application of these laws of success. If you can observe the results of these laws in action, you can repeat that action and produce positive results, one after another.  That’s what we’re all looking for…proven traceable results, isn’t it?

Ok, so here are some rules to consider when you are laying the foundation for your success plan.

  • You can’t afford to spend your thinking power just anywhere – You have to invest it wisely!

By that I mean you can’t afford to let your thoughts be led and taken captive by what’s going on around you. Reacting to the daily news or gossip at work. Always reacting to the events around you, but never responding to your real desires.

What you focus on sets your frame-of-mind. And your frame of mind completely determines what you are aware of in the world around you and what you will be drawn to focus on.

For example, you can be sitting in a stadium full of cheering people and still feel alone. But you could also be sitting alone on a park bench, completely entertained by what is going on around you, or by recalling the wonderful memories of some past event. The one thing they both share in common is your frame-of-mind determines your focus.


  • You must create a goal – There must be something constructive for your mind to work toward or it will default to the thoughts that have the greatest emotional intensity. And they are usually the negative ones.
  • Be patient. You only need to take one step forward – You don’t need to accomplish every aspect of your goal in an afternoon. That becomes an overwhelming idea that will shut you down. You only need to take enough immediate action to move you one step forward, toward your goal.

As your frame of mind changes, so does the speed in which you move forward toward your goal.

And as you become more familiar with your goal and how it feels to live your goal, the steps to achieve success will become more evident. And you will gain more confidence and certainty. That’s the law of success!

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