Learn To Relax

You may be involved in self help programs, personal coaching, creative visualizations and affirmations, however if you don’t learn to relax, you will never make the most from these programs.

Thoreau said it best when he said, “You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind.” Beauty can be defined not only as physical beauty, but the beauty of a clear thought, a peaceful mind, a clear image of what you want to achieve or a great idea.

In the late 90’s Stanford University completed a study on the effects of stress. Their data concluded that just fifteen minutes of stressful thinking disrupted hormone production and distribution in the body for a period up to five hours. Just fifteen minutes! In case you weren’t aware, virtually every action our body takes is the result of some hormone being released.

Imagine, just fifteen minutes affect us for up to five hours. How much time do you spend focusing on stressful thoughts in the course of a day?

Of course their data also indicated fifteen minutes of attending thoughts, relaxing thoughts, improved hormone production for up to five hours. So the more relaxed we go about our day, the more productive we’ll be and the healthier we’ll remain. Relaxation is probably the cheapest and most effective anti aging formula there is.

If you intend on using the law of attraction to attract positive things in your life, then you must learn to relax. Stress can only attract more stress, the very thing you don’t want.

I have included a short relaxation exercise with this post. Just turn on your speakers, sit back, close the door so you will have privacy for a few minutes and learn to relax every part of your body. If you are like most people, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Have a great weekend!


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