Procrastination – the banana peel of self improvement!

I think that most of us at some time during our life have been guilty of procrastination. Now for a majority of us, it really wasn’t procrastination at all. No of course not! We were really just waiting for a better opportunity, a better idea, more free time, a little help, a loan, the lottery, the war to be over, the war to start, lower interest rates, the world to evolve, the second coming, hell freezing over, the poles to melt, people to appreciate me, and the list goes on and on.

Let’s face it, when it comes to true procrastination, not just a simple phone call that temporarily breaks your train of thought, but real procrastination, humans can be pretty imaginative. We seem to have developed, no not developed – raised rationalization to an art form.

Here’s the downfall to an otherwise creative thinking process. The subconscious mind takes this conscious action as a cue on how to respond to your goals and desires. By repeated action or inaction, it slowly but very efficiently begins to learn that this repeated procrastination is way of saying, “what I really want really isn’t that important, so don’t focus my energy on accomplishing it.” My goal, my desire is just another random thought.

When we really want to go after something we are now amazed that we can’t maintain the enthusiasm for our goal. We start off with a bang and end with a fizzle, never realizing that our mind is working perfectly. It is just following the pattern, the map we have laid out for it to follow. You don’t need a life coach to tell you the source of this problem, you can sum it up in one word. Procrastination!