Self Empowerment | Do I Really Need Chaos In My Life?

People spend millions of dollars each year trying to rid their lives of chaos and conflict. Some seek courses, lectures, and group sessions, even private coaching trying to bring peace into their lives.

However, what if the very conflict you experience, the chaos in your life was actually a road sign, telling you the direction you need to follow to experience the peace you so desire. Would you be willing to learn that lesson?

It seems as though it is just human nature to look at things on the surface, and never give much thought to the deeper meaning of life’s experiences.

Chaos is viewed as a tire-bump in the road to a peaceful, happy life. How many times have you heard someone say, “How can I be happy with all of this chaos in my life?”

For a moment, let’s look at another meaning of chaos. Then judge if chaos has any real value in your life.

There is in each of us, a Divine Essence. This Essence has a purpose. It is here in a physical body so that it may have certain experiences in life that give it the opportunity for expansion and greater expression of the source it originates from.

So here you are, trying to follow a simple path in life, and create as few waves as possible. Suddenly, BAM! You find yourself in the midst of conflict with some person or event, and experiencing the resulting chaos.

If you’re like most people, you judge chaos as a stand-alone event, detached from the rest of life. It is a stranger, a thief in the night, doing its best to rob you of what little peace you have.

Nevertheless, conflict and chaos are also the seedbeds of growth. Without them, life would have little meaning. And there would be little spiritual growth.
Conflict and chaos represent resistance. They are at the opposite end of the polarity plane from peace.

However, they remind you of the value of peace. They forcefully illustrate the path you are on is not in harmony with your true nature. They make you actively seek ways to bring peace back into your life.

So how should you respond to conflict and chaos in your life? How can you actually benefit from the experience?

One simple question might give some light. When chaos occurs, as soon as possible, do your best to find a quiet place.

Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Your thoughts will seem to rush for a moment before they begin to quiet down, so be patient.

Now silently ask yourself this question. “What lesson is this experience bringing me that is so important for me to know?”

Remember, whenever you ask your subconscious mind a question, it always gives the answer. Your challenge is to be quiet enough to hear that answer!

Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D. is an executive consultant and self-empowerment coach.