Success is not always about the money

If you are going to pick a goal to shoot for, you need to pick one that YOU WANT, personally want. That process requires giving some hard thought to your present position in life and you need to be honest with yourself when you do this. Then determine that if that is not where you want to be, then where do you want to be? This is hard question for a lot of people and I’ll explain why…

For a majority of people, the concept of SUCCESS is driven and judged by financial reward. However, that is certainly not the whole truth. We can and do experience success in every area of our life.

For instance, you can’t judge a person’s ability for success purely by the financial income that they produce. Finances are not the exclusive gage for a person’s ability to manifest what they want.

For example, what if everybody else in their family is physically sick, constantly sick, then good health might mean more to them than money. Or, if there is a history of psychological dysfunction in a family, depression, anger, addiction, then a life free of these things would certainly be an important goal for someone to reach. If you’ve come from a broken home, then a stable family might just be the goal for you to set.

You just can’t always go by the money. We must look and be open for results in other aspects of our life, the ones that are really important to us. Picking the right goal involves allowing ourselves to be creative in thought. Chapter 2 in Presence of Mind is devoted to the two choices we must make with our thoughts and the importance that plays in our goal setting and our eventual happiness.

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