“The Dual Nature of The Law of Attraction!”

One of the more interesting facts about the law of attraction is that it operates on both a physical and non physical level. On the physical level, it is your thoughts that create your emotions that you experience as feelings.

These feelings are vibrating at a certain frequency. As that frequency increases, they become more intense. Finally they reach a point where they create action. This is the action that you take in the outside world. It is this action that produces the results that you experience in the world.

On a non physical level, your thoughts are sent outward, through your subconscious mind, which is your gateway to the infinite source. These thoughts also represent certain vibrations, which resonate with similar thoughts and ideas.

It is these thoughts, these vibrational patterns that have you attracted to and, at the same time attract to you, the things you need to manifest your thought image.

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