The Foundation for Changing Your Mind-Set!

Success requires a certain mind-set, whether you are trying to achieve something in health, relationships, business or finance, it all requires a certain mind-set. That mind set was illustrated thousands of years ago by the statement, “To Do You Must First Be.” This is why most people fail when they seriously attempt a change in their life. The major cause for failure with any project, regardless of what aspect of your life it impacts is, thinking one way and acting another.

Actually, the ancient cryptic statement goes like this. “To Do you must first Be, you must be Born.” “To be Born, you must first Die.” “To Die you must first awaken.” It seems that the ancients that penned this phrase thousands of years ago clearly understood the success mind-set.

Die, as stated in the phrase does not refer to physical death, but to the condition of your attitude and character prior to the change. You can’t pretend to be successful if the only thoughts you entertain in a day are about failure!

You can only Do, what a person like you is capable of doing. If you are making twenty thousand dollars a year and have been doing so for the past several years, you’re not going to visualize making a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a years and BAM you are making it. To go from twenty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand requires a different mind-set. If that were not true, the person making twenty thousand would already be making one hundred and twenty thousand.

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