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In one of the previous videos I mentioned that many individuals have a burning question about why there is such a difference in the results that people get. Some seem to have the Midas touch and succeed with seemingly little or no effort, while others succeed by sheer force and determination of will. Still others seem to fail time after time. Why?

One thing that is evident to anyone who has made a study of personal development and the law of attraction is the effects beliefs have on your ability to succeed. You may not consciously realize it but it is your beliefs that determine what you can and cannot do. And, all success must first past through your belief system before it can manifest.

With that in mind we see that in order to make a lasting change, achieve your goal, you must change your beliefs about the thing that you desire.

…But how?

That’s the question people have asked for thousands of years…

And you are about to move one step closer to the answer.

This next video will give you the first part of the formula for real and lasting change and achieving your goal. I’ve also included a great exercise to help you let go of old limiting emotions and their feelings. If you practice this technique as I suggest, you will always have a good result even on the first try.

As you start down this path it will become obvious that there is another part of you, your higher consciousness that is encouraging you forward. You will also find that as you challenge the things that you have feared most in life, and expose them for what they really are, they will become nothing more to you than phantoms in the night, shadows that shrink into the corners when they face the light of your greater understanding.

Enjoy the video. Click The Law of Attraction – Beliefs & The Circle of Limitations

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