The Path From Fear to Self Confidence!

Self confidence is a product of courage. It is not the absence of fear but rather the opposite polarity of fear. This type of fear is not to be confused with instincts. Instincts are conditioned responses genetically passed down from generation to generation as a matter of survival. This fear is fear of the unknown and is a matter of personal interpretation and awareness and as such is not uniform with all people.

Fear of the unknown leaves you at the mercy of your mind and imagination. You imagine the worst that could happen. You become invested in those thoughts. They become attached to your thinking. It is human nature to place value on experiences. As you grow up, a part of your conditioning and the structure of your beliefs are about learning the value that others have placed on experiences. An older sibling tells you that you should be afraid of the dark and after a while you become afraid of the dark, even though you have not had any negative experiences associated with the dark.

Along with a fear of the unknown comes, doubt. Doubt originates from a lack of internal trust in the power of your own self, your true nature, the Divine part of you. Here is where all strength, self confidence and worthiness originate.

You may think that it is past experience that would lead to a true acknowledgment of self confidence. However, if that were true then you would not have to keep repeating the process over and over again to establish and maintain self confidence. You would not have the need to constantly support your belief in self.

True self confidence is born from trust and that trust can only be the result of trust in self, in your true nature. This trust is unshakable. In the face of overwhelming negativity, it is the rock that holds steady in the worst of weather. The more you become acquainted with your inner self, the more you come to realize this true inner strength. As you release your negative beliefs, this quality automatically begins to make its presence known.

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