“The Power Of Your Beliefs”

When you consider how you orient yourself to what you want out of life, what you will go after, what is important to you, you will come face to face with your beliefs. Your beliefs are your positioning devices. They are the results of genetics, handed down from generation to generation. They are also the result of your environment, and people with influence in your life. You can also generate beliefs or validate the ones you already have from information you see on TV or the internet, hear on the radio, or read in print media, or even what you experience from conversation at work or in social situations.

Beliefs tell you what you will be attracted to. In trying to exhibit a behavior in the outside world that coincides with your thought environment in the inside world, you begin to create habits. These habits are in turn, grouped together to form new beliefs or deepen established beliefs.

As you become aware of how much your beliefs influence your life, you also become aware of how you can alter your present beliefs to become more in line with your true goals. Beliefs, like everything else, follow the course of natural law. They start as seed ideas that grow into flowering beliefs. However, clip their roots so that they no longer receive your energy and they wither and die.

If you understand the law of growth, then you will understand how the process of creating new beliefs can occur and the process you must follow to yield the results you desire. Our FREE CALL Monday night, 5/12/08 at 6:00pm C.D.T. will cover just how that process operates. To be a part of our call, simply go to the opt-in site and sign up. The seminar is free! You pay nothing more than the cost of your own phone call. I hope you will join our call.

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