Thriving From Change

The winds finally begin to subside and only the rains and occasional tropical wind gust remain. As the day progresses into night even they are replace by an eerie calm. The storm is over, and now the cleanup and rebuilding begins.

Weeks go by and finally electrical power is restored, although intermittent power outages still continue for a while. At last I can finally stop the generator, and put down my chain saw and just take everything in for a few moments.

All around me are the reminders that disaster has struck a fierce and crushing blow. My experience began with the howl of Hurricane Gustav’s winds, in distorted concert with the sounds of roofing and siding being ripped off. As the winds increased I could hear the sounds of tree limbs cracking, trees uprooting, along with the intermittent sounds of tornados and micro-bursts of howling wind and building materials of every imaginable kind flying through the air.

As the storm progressed a new but familiar sound was heard, electrical transformers crackling in the distance as my home, my neighborhood and city are plunged into darkness. Make no mistake, nature has brought about change.

…Now what!

Although my experience was the recent hurricanes it could have been a flood, fire, tornado, earthquake, or even ice storms. Every part of our globe experiences some form of natural disaster.  And the thing that they all have in common is that they create change. Like it or not, things change. The important question is how do you respond to that change?

Some change is predictable, that is we consciously set the events in motion to create that change. We apply for a new job, we eagerly move to a new city for new opportunity. We focus on that change and look forward to it.

On the other hand, some events were not consciously planned for, like storms.  And the loss of a home, business, or job creates immediate and unexpected change.

I should know I lost two businesses in the wake of Hurricane’s Gustov and Ike. Those losses presented two choices, cave in to the stress and pressure of the lost or use that change to create even greater opportunity.

I choose the latter. I wanted to embrace the opportunity that was presented. I know that the law of attraction is ever present and in motion.

In my next posts, I’ll have a video that will explain how to approach catastrophic events and thrive from the change.

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