“Tip #1 – 20 Proven Tips You Need To Know To Reach Your Goal In 2010”

One common question that I hear a lot today is; “How do I stay focused on my goal when there is so much chaos and turmoil in the world today? I want a new career, yet so many people are losing their jobs?

I think we would all agree that there is a lot of stress in the world today. But, it’s not the stress of the world that gets to you, it’s the way you personally relate to the stress that gets to you.

Keep one thing in mind, The condition of your mind, that is the thoughts that you dwell on and the mind-set you keep is going to make itself know in the circumstances that you face in the outside world!

The secret is no secret; you must stay focused on your goal. There are 3 things that you will want to do if you want to reach your goal.

The first is to ask. Sounds simple enough, but until you commit to a goal, all the wishing in the world is not going to bring you one inch closer to realizing your goal. You must commit your goal to writing so that you may constantly refine that thought and the image you associate with that goal until you have certainty.

Next you must be willing to receive. I know this sounds crazy to say, but it is the truth, and right here is where most goal setting difficulties, that people experience, happen. And, I can sum it up in one word that I will cover in the 2nd video tip.

The third thing is action. Often people become overwhelmed with the thought of what action to take. They can’t think of anything. The reason for this can almost always be traced back to not fully expanding on the first step.

Believe me, when you are going to create a clear picture of what you truly desire, action is going to come easy and effortlessly. You will have a natural desire to want to learn more about what you are going after. As you seek out that information and the people that can help you with your goal, you will be taking action. And that kind of action will always lead to greater action and more positive results!

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