“Tip #2 – 20 Proven Tips You Need To Know To Reach Your Goal In 2010”

“The Second Part Of Reaching Your Goal Is Your Ability To Receive”

More and more I hear people vent their frustrations at having a good education and also having job experience but for some reason, and this is the frustrating part…they always seem to fall short of their goals. Year after year they just come up short of their goals.

They naturally ask, “Why?”

I believe that I can sum up their problems in one word…beliefs! You see it’s your beliefs that are the operating programs you live by. Your beliefs define what is possible and impossible. The real kicker is that most of your beliefs are not really even yours. They are beliefs handed down by others…who by-the-way didn’t get much of a result from them either, and accepted by you at an age when quite honestly you just didn’t have the experience base to know what you were doing.

Negative beliefs can sabotage your most earnest desires by giving you the sensation that you aren’t smart enough, you didn’t go to the right school, no one else in your family was successful so why you? Beliefs can also bring with them the sensation that even if you were successful, you wouldn’t be able to handle the success, or worst you just can’t handle another failure.

None of these circumstances are really true; they are simply your beliefs. Where I find people really running into problems is how they try to handle their beliefs. Most want to struggle against the beliefs, try to deny them, fight them, or just try to block them out of their minds altogether.

The problem is that all of these approaches only make the beliefs stronger because they focus energy and attention to the beliefs. This approach is never going to produce the results you’re really looking for.

You don’t have to understand the old belief to move on. What you do need to do is create a new belief, a new habit, one that is directed toward your goal. Not one riddled with doubt but one dripping with certainty…the certainty that you have already achieved the object of your desire.

In my first video tip I mentioned that there were 3 things necessary to reach your goal. You must first ask, and then, second, be willing to receive and finally, third, you must take action. The process of creating a new belief is that process of receiving. If you have set a worthy goal, that is one that will not only benefit you but those around you, but some belief keeps getting in your way time and time again, then it is time to create a new belief that is congruent with your goal. This is part of the process of asking.

What good is a pitcher without a catcher…it wouldn’t be much of a baseball game. The same applies here. What good is a goal, to ask for something that would improve your life, without the belief that allows you to accept it?

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