“Use Affirmations To Charge Up Your Visualizations”

Affirmations are some of the most powerful tools available to you for achieving your goal. Affirmations accomplish 3 things in the goal setting process.

1. They allow you to keep connected to your vision. Even when you are unable to stop your daily activities and revisit your visualization technique, you can still find time to repeat your affirmations, either silently or out loud.

2. Your affirmations allow you an ongoing process by which you can add emotional content to your vision. As we have discussed on virtually every call, emotion is the fuel to propel your vision from the idea stage to a physical manifestation.

3. There are times when you simply can’t create a clear vision of what you desire. The process of doing affirmations in the mirror, gives you the opportunity to create that detail. As you do your affirmations and speak to yourself in the mirror you will add clarity to what you desire and the end result will be a clearer picture.

Listen to the call and I believe you will have a clearer understanding about the role of affirmations.

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