5 Steps To Using The Law of Attraction

 “Self Empowerment
The Law of Attraction Webinar Series”

“5 Steps To Achieving Success Through The Law of Attraction” (41 minutes)


One of the most common questions we all ask? How do I get from where I am now to where I want to be?

This is the foundation of self empowerment.

Seems like such a simple questions. And yet, we could very well go through lifetimes attempting to finally get to the truth!

This self empowerment video explores this question in detail. And gives the 5 steps for using the Law of Attraction, a universal law, to move toward your goal.

If we are emanations of an Infinite Divine Source then why does it seem at times that we have such few resources to help us? There is a reason. Probably one you might never have expected. But once you realize it, it will help to explain so much in your life.

We all operate at a certain vibration. The universe, all creation is always in a constant state of movement, The Law of Vibration. Our rate of vibration determines what we attract and are attracted to. Sympathetic Resonance.

The moment we increase our vibrations, new doors open. And new opportunities may themselves known!

Learn to recognize the signs, how you respond to certain conditions, events, etc.  and you begin to take the steps that will lead to self empowerment.