“What Will You Attract This Year?”

It seems that on any given evening you can see the news reports that the economy is in dire straits, there’s political upheaval around the globe, and that the country might be headed for another depression.

Is the end really that close?

I mean at any social gathering you observe pockets of people, deep in discussion, offering the latest info on cataclysmic events. Isn’t that enough to convince anyone that the end is near? No! Not yet. There may be other things you want to consider first.

For instance, the news is usually a one half hour broadcast. However, not all of the one half hour is made up of the news itself. At best, the NEWS portion is only fifteen minutes long. That means, in the whole wide world, the worst that has happened that day can be summed up in fifteen minutes of broadcast.

What happened to the other 1425 minutes in the day? Could it be that something good might have happened?

Of course it did! There is good all over the world. In the same city where a devastating car bomb exploded, somebody, had a birthday, got an A on a test, or kicked the winning goal. In another part of the globe, a family is about to purchase and move into their first home. The point is, there is always contrast and there is always balance.

If you are like most people, your burning question becomes, “If this is true what determines which part I experience?” You already have the answer to this question. Consider this, “What have you asked of life?”

You see if you don’t know what to expect from life, your goals, what you expect to find when you reach your destination, then you are at the mercy of outside forces. You will be like those who sit each night, glued to the TV, waiting for someone to tell you which way to go, what to do, what to believe.

This lack of direction can only produce one thing, confusion, which will only result in fear and doubt.
Universal law is very impersonal. You attract what you want, but you equally attract what you don’t want. In the final analysis, your experiences will be the result of the dominate thoughts you hold.
Turn off the news for a moment. Don’t be led to believe that the entire world is headed for doom. Remember, if all you do is focus on chaos, you won’t be disappointed. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, said, “Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.”

Make it a point to notice the good going on all around you and watch your attitude begin to change.  When that happens, the experiences you have in life will also begin to change.

Mark S. Kearns, M.A., N.H.D is an Executive Consultant and certified LifeSuccess Consultant.

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