Where Does Your Self-Confidence Come From?

When we think of self confidence, most people believe that all self confidence is the same. It all generates from the same place and it all generates the same quality of motivation and yields the same realization of self esteem. A healthy degree of self confidence seems to be the secret to success.

However, not all self confidence is the same and it is certainly not derived from the same process. We can develop self confidence from repeated successful events in our life. But, we can also develop self confidence from inner trust in our own Divine nature, a trust in our connection to the Infinite Source.

We can never seem to develop enough self confidence strictly from outside events. There is no magic amount that once reached we are now completely full of self confidence. There always seems to be a touch of lingering doubt. On the other hand, self confidence generated from within is always reliant on conditions within us and is never dependent on outside events to either create or maintain the experience.

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