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New Book: Your Point Of Attraction

Learn How To Align Your Vibrations With Your True Self To Attract Health, Wealth And Happiness

On Sunday, Oct 16, 2016
I presented a Truth Lesson At Unity of New Orleans Spiritual Center 3722 St. Charles Ave-New Orleans, LA 70115

The Link Below Is A Separate Re-Recording Of That Presentation:


Mark S. Kearns, M.A., N.H.D. speaks about his book Your Point of Attraction

Sunday, October 16th 11:00 AM Service Transformational Life Coach, Mark S. Kearns, M.A., N.H.D., will speak about his book, Your Point of Attraction, which explains how to align your vibrations with your true self to attract health, wealth, and happiness. Mark will explain the transformational process of changing what you don't want in life to what you do what in life, and the importance of uncovering your core motivation. He will also discuss how unconscious beliefs determine what you can and cannot accomplish in life, as well as how to release the fear, doubt, guilt and uncertainty that hold these beliefs in place.

Opening The Door To Self-Mastery!

The self-help questions we all ask at some point

  • Why Do I have this inner sense something is calling to me?
  • Is this world really just an illusion?
  • What is my purpose in life, why am I here?
  • How can I know what my path in life is, am I in the right career?
  • Can I find the right relationship for me?
  • How can I use my consciousness to heal, from any disease? And why do such dreadful diseases even exist?
  • How can I create a stronger connection to The Infinite Source?
  • How can I learn to share, to care, to be more loving and receive love…without guilt?

The Focus On Self Improvement!

It seems that today we are all asking more self help questions of a higher nature than ever before. Focus on personal improvement has taken a quantum leap forward. We are becoming aware that there is something very unique about our presence here in the physical plane, earth that has a huge impact on our self-growth and development and spiritual evolution.

The animals seem to know what to do and go about their day doing what they were designed to do without question. Even the plants know what is expected of them. Have you ever heard a tree complain?

And yet, even though we sit at the top of the evolutionary chain, we wonder why we are here. What are we supposed to do? What are we to accomplish in this life that is so important? Why do we sense such a strong duality internally? How is it that we can achieve financial or career success and yet still feel empty inside? No matter what we achieve, it is never quite enough!

Information that was such a guarded secret in the past, people literally gave their lives to protect and keep it pure and untainted so it could be reveled now, in this time. Why? Why now?



Wisdom For Self Empowerment

These are just some of the questions I asked and my clients have asked over the years that encouraged me to start the Infinite Success Podcast. We will begin to look at these topics, in detail, in upcoming episodes of the Infinite Success Podcast. So please, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode.

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