Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D.Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D.

For over forty years Mark’s had a passion for studying the principles, methods and techniques of spiritual transformation and personal growth and development coaching.

Over the past 15 years in addition to private and corporate consulting, he has lectured and conducted workshops in various parts of the country to help others learn these principles and techniques. His programs focus on teaching how thoughts and emotions affect personal and corporate performance and well-being, as well as teaching individuals how they can recognize and connect to the true Infinite Source that dwells within each of us.

Mark is an Ordained Minister in the Agape’ Center of Metairie, LA. He has a Master’s degree in counseling and a N.H.D., Doctor of Natural Health. Mark is a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is also a licensed and certified LifeSuccess Consultant.

He is the author of ‘Mind Over Cancer-How to use meditation to help heal cancer’, and ‘Fearless Self Confidence – The secrets to unshakable self-confidence’.

For the past 30 years Mark have been fortunate in having the opportunity to study ancient writings and teachings with 2 of the few remaining true initiatory mystery schools existing today. He has also studied ancient Kabbalah and the works of the ancient Essenes.

He is a regular contributing writer on various natural health, success, motivational  and transformational topics for the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce’s Insight newspaper and many internet Ezine sites. His blog is located at There you will find blog-post, audio and video selections on the various aspects of the law of attraction and other transformational topics.