“Self Empowerment And
The Emotional Release Technique”

“How To Release The Fear, Doubt, Guilt And Uncertainty That Blocks Your Alignment!”

What is emotional freedom? Emotional freedom occurs when all of the blocks to your true nature have been removed. In that place, you experience an abundance of health, true healing takes place. You also experience an abundance of wealth, be it money, or true wealth, which is wisdom, something that cannot be learned but must be revealed. And you experience a true peace of mind. It is only through peace that you experience the true resources of the Infinite Mind, which manifest in your life as better health, more wealth and true inner happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of your.
This technique will help you to do just that, peel back the layers of emotional negativity from lifetimes of experience and the illusion of a disconnect from the true Infinite Source.

This technique is simple to use and has produced some amazing results. It is the result of decades of study and using some of the most proven techniques in hypnosis, NLP, energy tapping techniques and more recently the Release Technique, for releasing emotional baggage.
You don’t need to find the answer to your problems outside of you, you’re already connected to the source of those answers. You just need to remove the blocks you’ve placed to having it, realizing it and using it!
This video is an introduction to a technique that will assist you in doing just that.


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